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The facts of life (insurance)

One-third of Canadians don’t have life insurance. The main reason is that death is hard to talk about; so many people avoid it and thus don't buy life insurance or adequately plan for what will happen when they're gone. For instance, one myth is that an employer's life insurance program is adequate. Generally, it's a [...]

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Three ways to leave a legacy through charitable giving

Philanthropy is spotlighted during 'Leave a Legacy Month,' in Canada. To that end, The Financial Post has a few useful suggestions to make giving a part of one's financial routine. For the short term, cash is one way to make an impact. There are easy and efficient ways to do this regularly, for instance, by [...]

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Canadians are piling on debt, but still call debt reduction their top financial priority

While Canadians continue to piling on a lot of debt, 25 percent say debt reduction their number-one priority according to a recent CIBC poll. Household debt rose to record levels in 2017, but a positive from the survey is that 1/3 are making the necessary adjustments. 46 percent say they reduced spending on non-essential items [...]

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