December 26, 2018

Chinese classes, chess programs qualify for child-care deduction, judge rules, provided they really involve child care

Under Canadian tax regulations, certain child-care expenses are deductible from your tax return. While some are obvious, such as the cost of caregivers or schools, others might seem less obvious even though they’re every bit as valid as deductions. A recent case the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) brought before a judge has established this deduction extends to educational extracurricular activities a child engages in, and where the primary goal of the camp is to provide care for the child while a parent works. This can include after-school programs, tutors, and out-of-school lessons such as sports or language classes. $8,000 can be claimed annually for children under the age of seven, $5,000 for children seven to 16, and up to $11,000 for children who qualify for the disability tax credit.

“If you’re a parent who pays for child care that enables you to work, you may be entitled to some tax relief when you file your 2018 tax return.”

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