June 9, 2019

CRA asks Canadians to air grievances in online consultation

The federal institution Canadians interact most often with is the Canada Revenue Agency for annual tax filings. Being fully aware of this, the CRA has recently put out an online questionnaire that it hopes will give Canadians a chance to provide feedback to the agency on how they feel about it, and how well they think the agency is doing its job. The consultation closes June 18, so go here to add your voice: https://www.cra-engage-arc.ca/en/collections/serving-canadians-better. This is one component of the CRA’s attempts to stay more citizen-oriented, and connected to the people it serves.

“Canadians can fill out a three-part online questionnaire starting today that asks them how well the agency has performed in providing services, including whether they have ever had any bad experiences dealing with it.”

Read more: https://ipolitics.ca/2019/04/23/cra-asks-canadians-to-air-grievances-in-online-consultation/

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