October 21, 2018

Four reasons why business owners should consider life insurance

While life insurance may not be top-of-mind for your business, it can be the difference between going through a rough period or keeping your business afloat. Starting your own business or operating one of any size, is a big step, and one full of risk. Some of that risk can be mitigated by taking the proper measures such as using life insurance to cover your business. Many businesses rely heavily on key employees, or even the owner; insuring them against an untimely death can help mitigate the costs incurred should the worst happen and someone new needs to replace them and take over their responsibilities in the business.

“Today, I want to speak to those who are business owners – big or small. There are four situations in which life insurance can provide needed cash to solve some pretty big problems..”

Read more: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/investing/personal-finance/taxes/article-four-reasons-why-business-owners-should-consider-life-insurance/

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