September 30, 2018

How not to blow your Series A funding budget

Obtaining Series A funding for a business venture can be time-consuming and requires determination to navigate and secure. Furthermore, Series A funding often alters the nature of your business in certain ways, like creating obligations to these investors who might not share a personal connection with you in the way of your earliest investors probably do. After accepting some structural changes, next you’ll need to be mindful of the costs associated with hiring the right people and building the right type of team. It’s also common to underestimate or forget to include some operational costs. Founder may be well advised to not do everything themselves, take the time to consider their options and regularly review their plan.

“Because the Series A process is a very significant event in the lifetime of a startup, the euphoria that comes with that can often lead to some poor investment and strategic decisions in the early budgeting stages.”

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