April 2, 2019

What to expect when the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) contacts you

Canadian citizens know who the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is, so if you’re contacted, be sure that you’re communicating with the real CRA. Scammers impersonating CRA agents are rising in numbers, and for this reason it is critical that Canadians know what a CRA agent would ask and would not ask. For instance, on a phone call, a CRA agent will never demand immediate payment or threaten you with imprisonment, and the same goes for mail. Additionally, CRA agents will never request payment over emails – so be wary.

Key Takeaways:

  • The CRA will never ask for financial information by email and ask you to click on a link to complete a form.
  • The CRA won’t demand immediate payment by Interac e-transfer, bitcoin, prepaid credit cards or gift cards.
  • The CRA may verify your identity by asking for personal information such as your full name, date of birth, and address; or for a business, they may ask for details about your account.

“When in doubt, ask yourself – Why is the caller pressuring me to act immediately? Am I certain the caller is a CRA employee?”

Read more: https://www.voiceonline.com/what-to-expect-when-the-canada-revenue-agency-cra-contacts-you/

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