May 8, 2019

Scammer calls off duty cop and gets a response he never expected

Phone scammers have been preying on people for years and a common scheme (especially this time of year) is to pose as CRA agents to attempt to extract money or personal information from their victims. An off-duty cop decided to give the scammer a piece of his own medicine after receiving a scam call. After several threats of police action made by the scammer, the cop faked a shot gun sound threatening anyone who came for him. The scammer quickly hung up knowing they weren’t getting money from him any time. If you get a call from anyone who asks for money, phone the police to verify that it’s legitimate. In almost all cases, it’s a scam.

“What this scammer doesn’t realize is that he left a message at the home of “Dave”, a police officer, who actually received many complaints about this scam and spends a good part of his week at work warning people about similar ploys. Dave decided to return the call and have a little fun with the pretend officer at the other end. “

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